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Just a couple of things. I am participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) aka (from what I heard) Hell. I'm excited, I'm using the story I've been writing as the "novel" so to speak. It's fun. Nerve wracking and somewhat annoying at times. I've told several friends, so hopefully they'll keep me in line.

Marat Safin is playing his last tournament, EVER. This is devastating for me because I started watching tennis because of him. Through out the years he's had so many ups and downs that the scariest roller coaster at your nearest theme park has nothing on him. For a good while, he was one of the only players who could beat Roger Federer: Australian Open '05, w00t. I'm sad he's retiring, but I understand it must happen. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. I'm just going to go and cry for a couple of years.

Lastly, I have this crazy pet peeve about people and etiquette. Whether it be at a dinner table (although I'm not going to lie I end up doing inappropriate things at the dinner table, but I kick myself for it, so it's ok?). But one that has gotten me really angry, which I think comes from being a business major, is the lack of professionalism in emails. If you are going to write a mass email, that would get Cc'ed to your boss, don't use BAMF. It's unprofessional, and honestly, you're fucking 20. If I were an employer and I saw that, I would fire the person on the spot. Not cool, not cool. That's one of my crazy pet peeves, believe me when I say I have many. We're barely scratching the surface of this topic.

Should update the third chapter soon. I found my Cameron, which makes me really excited!


So, for some odd reason, I've decided I want to write a story. I've got a couple of ideas running around. I hope I have the decency to finish it though, since the last couple stories I have cluttering my hard drive is sitting there collecting cyber dust bunnies. I'm kind of excited for this. It could be really good. I don't know though, I haven't written anything in forever, although I have piles and piles of loose leaf paper that I've collected over the years with random snippets of stories I wanted to write. I'm going about it differently this time. I am actually starting from the beginning.

We'll have to see. I'm rambling. I don't even know what made me think I could do this? I'm taking 6 classes this semester and have a job and organizations I am in charge of. I might die, but I really hope that I stick with this story because I think I'm going to like it a lot.

Those who know me might be a little surprised about it. I don't talk to people about writing a lot. I think my friends would give me a hard time about it, me being a sappy hopeless romantic (you knew that already). I write anywhere and everywhere. If you ever see me with a note pad with really small hand writing, that's usually what I'm doing. Now you understand why I never let anyone look at it. I'm not really overprotective about much (actually, on second thought, I am) but my writing is something I am extremely private about. It's my way of channeling my busy mind. I have a lot going through my mind and writing some of it down is how I process it.

I really should go to a doctor and get my life sorted out. I need to stop self diagnosing myself. At least I'm not self-prescribing drugs. Yet.

That was weird. I'm gonna go and write some more, we'll see how this goes.


It's almost 2.00 and I'm still wide awake. I hope that I haven't missed the wave where I can actually sleep. Another restless night is going to kill me. This horrid weather isn't helping. Neither is this paper on the IOC, which is a topic that I love and am extremely interested in. The paper should really take only an hour to write. I have my notes right next to me, but somehow rather than typing said paper, I am typing this. Does this mean I'll be missing another session of Pre-calc? Probably. My poor professor, he hurts his foot and he's still coming to teach. Me? I'm just too lazy to finish this paper and I will not be showing up to that wonderful 50-minute 9.20 class. Oh well.

College has not helped me stop my procrastinating ways, I think it's made it worse. Oh god. I have to give a tour in this ridiculous weather too. Kill me now. At least I have some hope for a nice day on Saturday when I have to drag my lazy butt to give tours at 10.00 and 12.30.



Quick and Healthy Lunch - Blogspot

In an earlier post I told you about the cheese that my Aunt Dency gave me before I left. That cheese is the most amazing thing in the world! She gave it to me with the intentions of me using it for her quick Cesar Salad. I've made it 4 times already since I've been here, and I've been here for a week. It's is the best salad in the world! Whenever I go to her house during their Memorial Day party I always stake out the Cesar Salad, and all the amazing Thai food that my uncle and parents make. This has been a favorite for my roommates and mine as well. This takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.

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Asian Spice Bonanza! - Blogspot

Today, Nicole and I only had 1 class. After class we came back, sat for a bit, I opened my packages from Amazon and sat in front of my computer. Then, Nicole referred to a recipe for a chicken marinade that uses ginger, soy sauce, and honey. Miraculously enough we have everything we needed in our cabinet! So, Nicole went to working on the Honey Chicken.

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It's Herbs Galore! - Blogspot

So, before I came back to Chicago my aunt gave me a bag of herbs, cashews, pistachios, and a block of Parm cheese. Side note about the Parm cheese before I go on....

The past two times that I traveled via air I've been stuck at the airport for obscene amounts of time that made me just sick to my stomach. But coming back to Chicago, I had a little run-in with the security at Philadelphia International Airport. I couldn't pack the stuff that my aunt gave me in my checked baggage, so I put the herbs and the cheese in my carry-on bag. So I went through security, emptying my pockets and putting everything on the conveyor belt. I walked through and was content. Then I went to retrieve my bags. The security personnel walks up to me and asks, "Miss, is this your bag?"

"Yes," I answered. In my mind I was asking myself if it was the umbrella I had, there was a sign saying the objects that resemble clubs were not allowed.

Then the personnel proceeded to ask me, "We saw something suspicious in your bag, do you have any sharp objects in your bag?"

At this point I was getting really scared. I was about to say, 'The guy out front told me that umbrellas were ok to be taken on a plane, it's not my fault!' But instead I said, "All I have is herb and cheese." I know, such eloquence, Pede taught me well.

Then the personnel giggles, "Ah, it's probably the cheese. We saw something that resembled something sharp."

Then I decided to relieve myself of the blame by saying, "Oh, my aunt gave me that."

She smiled, zipped my bag, said good bye, walked over the the x-ray personnel and said, "It was just cheese."

That was the first time I was ever pulled aside by security at an airport. It was fun. Then when my roommates saw the herbs and I told them the story, Nicole says, "I would have thought it was weed." Oh I love her so.

So back to food....

Tonight, Nicole decided to use the chicken that we bought a couple of days before. We've been doing this thing where we marinate the chicken breast in olive oil, garlic, and Italian herbs. And we'd make red sauce. Tonight we decided to be crafty with the Garlic Herb Chicken.

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