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As of now, I'm sitting in the stacks in the library trying to write. I have chapter four written in my notebook. It's partially done, but it's very clunky. I have to refine it as I type it up. I kind of shifted my focus this morning when was hit by an inspiration for one of the scenes that will be in the story, so I've been busting that out. I'm so embarrassed to admit that I was inspired by the song that Miley Cyrus is singing for her new movie, "The Last Song," but nevertheless I'm excited. And I also realized that I'm such a sap that it's sad. This snippet that I wrote won't be turning up in the story for awhile either. But it's so good, it's got me all giddy. Anyway, just want to update that I'm going to try to get the next chapter up soon.

I'm going to go see "New Moon" tomorrow night with my old RM, which should be interesting. The first movie made me uncomfortable, and I'm sure this one will too. But it's a pseudo tradition, so I must go. I hope he still has his futon because I will be crashing on it since traveling on the El at 3/4 in the morning is out of the questions. It'll be nice to spend the night in the building I lived in last year. I miss it so :( I'll let you know what I think of the movie. Maybe it will be good since I don't expect anything out of it but two hours of me fidgeting and feeling like a fool.

Back to writing!



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