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Had a decent day today. Skipped pre-calc to finish homework this morning, but later found out when I ran into my professor that it's all good. I ran into him on the escalator in one of the buildings on campus. Couldn't really avoid him because he was RIGHT in front of me. I just tapped him on the shoulder and casually said, "Hey, so you have my quiz?" to which he said, "Oh yeah. Nice to see you." Then we got into a conversation about how we're both out of it and that he wouldn't have even noticed the fact that I wasn't in class. So if I hadn't called attention to myself, nothing would have happened. My bad, oh well, but I got my quiz back 10/10.

On the writing side of things, I'm actually doing pretty well. I met with my roommate downtown and decided to take the El back home today, which ended up being a wonderful idea. Nothing like watching the city whizzed by to get some inspiration. I've got, I want to say, about a quarter of the fourth chapter done. We're going to see more of Sophia, who is another one of my favorite characters. I should have it up by the end of the week? I'm looking for a beta reader. I had an offer, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and talk to the person. I'm glad that I'm excited about this story! If I wasn't I'd stop writing it already, NaNo be damned.

I've been listening to some older music as well as random playlists that a writer from Plagiarism Haven compiled, simonexsays , she's wonderfully awesome at making playlists so many thanks and bows to her. I recommend everyone to listen to "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" By Natalie Cole, right now. She's wonderful. It has such a good beat to it. My roommate and I were dancing to it last night.



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