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Snippets, Snippettttts :)

I've been delaying my next update. Not because I have writer's block, but because I've been occupied with other things, namely Aaron Ramsey and the Arsenal squad. I thought that I'm just going to post up a small snippet of my next chapter for the people who read my story. And in addition, I'm also going to post a small snippet of another story I've started working on :)

Tomorrow I will be going into Philly to watch Arsenal's FA Cup match with my lovely cousin. I'm super excited because we had such an awesome time last time we were there. And this time it'll be live, which means I will be fidgeting in my seat for about two hours.... *sigh* I guess this is the craziness I've been missing out the past 21 years of my life. Oh well, better late then never.... Go Gunners :)

On to the snips :)

Chapter Six Snips :)Collapse )


Second Story :)Collapse )

So there you have it, I hope this will keep you occupied for a bit :) I'm keeping the second snippet vague so you can guess who the mysterious girl is and which one of his brother is the one that has decided to give Cooper hell :) Mind you this story is not going to be surfacing until I'm done with the first. I may post snippets here and there, but full chapters will not come out until later!

Good night!

I Is Back!

I apologize to everyone who has to deal with all my shit aka moving from blog to blog... I think this will be permanent. At least for now. I realized that I didn't use the wordpress account on my phone that often, SO I am back on LJ, where apparently I have a lot more things that I use aka PH, TWA, ARcomm and all that good stuff. So here is being back! w00t! Give me a couple of hours to migrate everything :)

P.S. The time stamps will be from when it was originally posted :)


Status - Wordpress

Chapter five is aiming to be up sometime this weekend. Fall semester is ova! w00t! Happiness all around :) Saw The Princess and the Frog last night, wonderful movie :)


Stats - Wordpress

So, finals have commenced. And they're going decently enough. I've been putting writing the next chapter off, but have started messing with chapter six as well as the first chapter of the next installment.... That's not good is it? Didn't think so. 3 exams left then it's Sayonara Fall '09!


Finals and No Facebook - Wordpress

I deactivated my Facebook because of finals. Interesting since it's the first time that I did that. It'll be nice to have one less distraction to deal with. I have 2 papers to write in the span of the next four days. There's one due on Friday. Have I started it yet, you ask? Absolutely not. I was stressing out the past two days to finish up my French final, which I think was a success. I can't believe that after Friday I will have a French minor under my belt. That's so crazy.

I'm going to be working on TOCS tonight. We'll see how far I get with this.


Finals and TOCS - Wordpress

FUCK THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW. Last week of classes. Finals starts Monday. Someone might die by the end of it!

In terms of TOCS, I am working on it! I haven't been able to spend too much time on it, but I'm getting somewhere with Chapter Four. I promise, promise that I'm gong to TRY to get it up before Monday! It's been hard when I'm constantly being bombarded by my professors with MORE shit to do. Hopefully it'll all be over soon!

P.S. Gambled for the first time last week. Slots = No fun. Will try playing the tables next time.


TOCS - More stats - Wordpress

I'm such a bad person. This weekend proved to be extremely unproductive in the writing world. I have this issue where I write down a lot of things, and then I get to my laptop and just do not want to type. Then I go through this wonderful thing where a chapter kind of surfaces without me thinking that it was supposed to be there. Chapter two of this story did not exist until my fingers started going at it on the keyboard. Same thing is happening with Chapter four. So, yeah, it's not turning out to be what I thought it was going to be, which isn't that horrible.

I love writing relationships between people. Not necessarily romantic or anything like that, but I just love writing dialogue. Anyway, as of now I'm still working on Chapter four. I have a scene for a later chapter written. It's a long one, but I got inspired and had to write it before it went away from me. I should definitely have chapter four up by the end of Thanksgiving break.

So, on a different note, I blame my not writing on this wonderful show I discovered, "Kings". It was on NBC this past year, and I definitely did not care for it because 1) when the show started, I was going through my Korean phase. 2) I do not have cable (although that's not an excuse as the show was canceled before I came back to Chicago. 3) I just couldn't be bothered by new shows. But anyway, the reason I started watching it was because I went to see New Moon (uuugggggghhhhhhhhh. I hate fangirls) and there was a trailer for the movie "Letters to Juliet" which I thought was super cute. And the male lead was very cute. He had an accent, and I could never deny a man with a wonderful accent. So I came home, googled/wiki-ed/imdb-ed him and found some info about him. His name is Christopher/Chris Egan from Australia. Bares a scary resemblance to the late Heath Ledger. Then I talked to my older sister who told me he was on the show "Kings". It's based loosely off the story of "David and Goliath" and the story of King David. It's an interesting depiction of the story. It got me excited about the Bible.

So, I went and Hulu-ed that shit and watched it for three days straight. It's addicting: the acting was phenomenal and cinematography was great. And there was a good chunk of romance, which for a sap like myself, I couldn't say no to. So, that's why I didn't write. But I did get inspired for another story, possibly? Anyway, I highly recommend it. It's a good show. Which is sad that they, NBC, canceled it. It's a shame with networks cancel good shows because of their ratings. I know that's how they make money and retain viewers. But seriously? The trash that people watch is just stupid. Good to know people prefer brainless shows to enriching ones. So, Hulu it, Netflix it, watch it somewhere online. It's good.

Last thing: found Reagan, Sophia, and Madelyn. So I'm excited about that. But I'm going to keep them under wraps for a bit to make sure before I end up changing my mind. Again.


TOCS - Status update! - Wordpress

As of now, I'm sitting in the stacks in the library trying to write. I have chapter four written in my notebook. It's partially done, but it's very clunky. I have to refine it as I type it up. I kind of shifted my focus this morning when was hit by an inspiration for one of the scenes that will be in the story, so I've been busting that out. I'm so embarrassed to admit that I was inspired by the song that Miley Cyrus is singing for her new movie, "The Last Song," but nevertheless I'm excited. And I also realized that I'm such a sap that it's sad. This snippet that I wrote won't be turning up in the story for awhile either. But it's so good, it's got me all giddy. Anyway, just want to update that I'm going to try to get the next chapter up soon.

I'm going to go see "New Moon" tomorrow night with my old RM, which should be interesting. The first movie made me uncomfortable, and I'm sure this one will too. But it's a pseudo tradition, so I must go. I hope he still has his futon because I will be crashing on it since traveling on the El at 3/4 in the morning is out of the questions. It'll be nice to spend the night in the building I lived in last year. I miss it so :( I'll let you know what I think of the movie. Maybe it will be good since I don't expect anything out of it but two hours of me fidgeting and feeling like a fool.

Back to writing!


What a day! - Wordpress

Had a decent day today. Skipped pre-calc to finish homework this morning, but later found out when I ran into my professor that it's all good. I ran into him on the escalator in one of the buildings on campus. Couldn't really avoid him because he was RIGHT in front of me. I just tapped him on the shoulder and casually said, "Hey, so you have my quiz?" to which he said, "Oh yeah. Nice to see you." Then we got into a conversation about how we're both out of it and that he wouldn't have even noticed the fact that I wasn't in class. So if I hadn't called attention to myself, nothing would have happened. My bad, oh well, but I got my quiz back 10/10.

On the writing side of things, I'm actually doing pretty well. I met with my roommate downtown and decided to take the El back home today, which ended up being a wonderful idea. Nothing like watching the city whizzed by to get some inspiration. I've got, I want to say, about a quarter of the fourth chapter done. We're going to see more of Sophia, who is another one of my favorite characters. I should have it up by the end of the week? I'm looking for a beta reader. I had an offer, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and talk to the person. I'm glad that I'm excited about this story! If I wasn't I'd stop writing it already, NaNo be damned.

I've been listening to some older music as well as random playlists that a writer from Plagiarism Haven compiled, simonexsays , she's wonderfully awesome at making playlists so many thanks and bows to her. I recommend everyone to listen to "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" By Natalie Cole, right now. She's wonderful. It has such a good beat to it. My roommate and I were dancing to it last night.


Owie! - Wordpress

So, I woke up this morning and my thumb is throbbing. This happens once in a while, but when it does I become a baby, it hurts to bad! What sucks even more is the fact that it's my dominant hand which means writing hurts. I think I put too much stress on my hands what with all the writing, typing and texting that I do. So, I finished chapter three, it was a longer one. Over 5,000 words which is ridiculous for me. I absolutely love writing Cooper. He's definitely my favorite character right now. He's cocky and rarely realizes the lines between being funny and being offensive. But he's my favorite. He's going to be fun to bring down a notch. I've already found his match. I started writing snippets for Cooper's story already, which was fun. It made me smile writing it because Cooper's just an idiot sometimes and needs to be brought down a couple of notches, and my girl can definitely do it. I'm pausing my posting on FP for a bit because I want to focus on reaching the 50k for NaNo.

On the sporting aka Marat Safin front. He lost to del Potro, which I don't mind. The kid was able to pull his shit together and beat Federrer at the USO and that to me is just lovely. I may have started tearing up a bit in the office when I saw the score. *sigh* I miss the big guy already.

On the random life front. I hate people. Specific people. '13 new hires. Awful day yesterday, just awful!

TV Front: Glee is back! Thank god baseball is over. Love love love.